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Brian Smith 

If u are looking for one of the most professional photographers u can’t go wrong. Thank u for a wonderful day packed with laughter. You are great at getting people to relax for photos and have fun.

• - Shawn Beauvai

I always knew that getting a tattoo was addictive, once you get one you want more!

Never thought it would be the same with photos. I went from being camera shy, to having a lot more confident in myself. Brian is great!! No wait, not good enough, Brian is Magnificent in what he does!

Love the quality of his work, love the way he can make you feel so comfortable when you’re around him.

My photo shoots have done more for me then just supplied me with great pictures, it has also made me love myself, and how I look. Done 3 shoots so far, and plan to return for more!! Keep up the great work Brian! You’re the best!!! Smile emoticon

• - Nancy Monitory

Thanks allot Brian, The pics came out great and I had a lot of fun doing it. I sure I'll be calling on you again.

• - Jeff

having been in the field for some time, not as long as Brian of course, I have had the opportunity to work with and along side of some great photographers. My experience with Brian has been enjoyable and informative. He is both a fun individual to work with and a great photographer as well. Anyone who works with him as a client will definitely feel at ease, comfortable and know they are in the talented hands of a professional. Enjoy your photography experience with Brian.

• - Michael G Brown Photography

I am so very pleased with the pictures Brian took in my photo shoot. He made me look so beautiful, confident and very relaxed as I wasn’t sure what to expect or achieve. I was very impressed with Brian’s style and the examples of his work on the website. What an amazing experience this was and I wish that everyone should try at least once to see for themselves. Brian is such a positive example to work with, I am certain I have been working with the city’s no. 1 photographer as I have genuinely enjoyed his professional work as well as his company. I’m already excited about planning my next photo shoot with Brian!

• - Nancy Simard

I am so very pleased with the pictures Brian took in my photo shoot. He made me look so beautiful, confident and very relaxed as I wasn’t sure what to expect or achieve from this. I was very impressed with Brian’s style and the examples of his work on the website. What an amazing experience this was and I wish that everyone would try at least once to see for themselves. Brian is such a positive example to work with, I am certain I have been working with the city’s no. 1 photographer as I have genuinely enjoyed his professional work as well as his company. I\\\'m already looking forward for next photo shoot!

• - Nancy

Brian is by far the best photographer. It is like he is your friend upon meeting him. He supports your ideas and gives suggestions.Tells you if something is bad or if something is good. Only looks for your best interest. Makes you laugh and feel comfortable. Very professional at all times. And last but not least makes his photography look amazing.

• - Cho

Brian is awesome!!! He is very creative and made the photography session so much fun. He was joking around with us from the beginning and I think it made everyone a little less self conscious about getting their pictures taken. He is an amazing photographer, wonderful with people and obviously loves doing it. He even braved his fear of water and went out on a very narrow, very unstable dock to get some beautiful pictures at the water. He definately utilizes all he has to work with around him. Brian we all loved you and Julie!!! Can\\\'t wait to see the rest of the pictures.

• - Stacey Hayden

Very professional job! I was amazed at how Brian can take your idea and just run with it!

• - Cory Jacobs of Arcane Belief

This Guy is Pro .... Just like the name of the studio... Brian\'s Pro Photos!!!!!! He is One Cool Cat!!!! He made us feel so comfortable.... He knows just how too make ya feel the Moment.....with perfect ideas, felt so easy & natural, cant wait to do it again!!! R Band LOJ loves this Guy!!! & we have more work for Him to shoot Very Soon!!! Cant say enough about Brian, Very easy going, knows what the client/s are looking for.. & takes it too a whole new level!!!! U Da Man \\\"B\\\" ...!!!! Thanks!! we\\\'re thinking green screen next!!! lol,....\\\" Hey, Too all the Up & Coming Bands Come See R Buddy \\\"Mr. B\\\" he\\\'ll Hook you up with some Crazy Pro Pic\'s!! Thanks again B....

Brian from Lay On Juno!!!!

• - Brian Brownlee From the Band

My experience with Brian both times I shot with him were great! Solo shoot and the shoot with my band Lay On Juno. Brian is an excellent photographer with great ideas!!! Even if you go in with a few ideas in mind he throws some more out there too to expand your options. The thing I like best is that he\'s so cool and easy going and whether your alone or with someone else he always makes you feel comfortable and relaxed and has fun with it so there\'s never any tension and you have nothing to feel nervous about. Great sense of humor and always happy go lucky every time I see him it\'s great. I definitely look forward to working with him again on more shoots!!!

You rock brotha! Keep on doin your thing cause you do it DAMN good!

- Echa

• - Robby

Working with Brian...what can I say?...It was amazing...I had a fantastic time. I was very comfortable with everyone involved in the shoot and it was a fun and relaxing day. We all had a great time and the shoot was unlike anything I have ever done. It was very creative and I loved how everyone involved had great ideas for poses and background ambiance. Now working naked with a grinder...kinda nerve wracking LOL but Brian def took the care and attention needed and my safety was def at the top of the list...So thank you Brian and staff for making my experience so fantastic and I cant wait to do another random/crazy/creative shoot!



• - Michelle O\\\'Bery

Brian did my wedding and Everyone just loved him he made everyone there laugh and was so fun take photos with I know allot of people who came to the wedding will be calling on Brian if they need photos done!

• - Candice Dumond-Gagne

Both of my shoots with Brian were alot of fun, especially the Couple Shoot. Brian is a photographer who is extremely easy to work with and is really great with direction. He definitely KNOWS what he wants!

Randy Berry

• - Randy Berry

It was a Awesome time Working with Brian, Brian ur a awesome guy...u made sure that the pics were directed properly so the pictures would come out great...not only that but it was a awesome time,awesome experience and excited to do it again...

• - Mayrie Terriah

funny how I never think I\'m good enough to take pics but yet i have all these years into it. I also think i could of been a lot more ripped.... i could of focus on that a lot more !.... but can\\\'t wait to see what we can do in the summer time as i will be in way better shape coming into my competition. ..thanks for the cool experience Brian.. it was a lot of fun wink emoticon Super Steve.

• - Steve Charbonneau

First off... I gotta say that Bri.... You are one cool cat. Don\'t ever change!

I love you too Julie. Stay a hottie!

My experience is always amazing. I\'ve been working with Brian for years

and it just keeps getting better and better.

He is a great photographer. He\'s focused and determined,

creative and always willing to try the impossible in extreme weathers and succeeds!

But most importantly, Brian and Julie are friends.

They go above and beyond. Every shoot is like walking into one of Brian\'s

crazy themes and he makes everything fun and does a hell of a job making

anyone comfortable. He not afraid to take risks and makes any woman feel worthy

of being photographed. So here\'s to many more shoots with many more

insane locations.

Cheers Bri!

• - Julie Thauvette

Had a great time working with you Brian. I felt very comfortable and very confident. the pictures always surpass what i expected them to look like and i get excellent reviews from everyone. Thank you so much once again and i look forward to working with you again.

• - Jescinda Malo

Brian you were the best for real I felt so comfortable with you it was unreal your really good at what you do I really hope to see you again soon love your work hun xoxox

• - Ashley Sutherland

Brian it was GREAT doing another shoot with you...cant wait to do it again maybe this weekend♥

thanks allot your GREAT and a GREAT friend!!!!

we love u x00x0x0x0x0x0

• - Miiztii & Wesside

My experiences with Brian have always been great. He makes you comfortable while holding impossible positions lol. He is always professional and is great to work with.

My last shoot turned out amazing and i can\\\'t wait for our next one. Stay tuned!!!


• - Melissa Myre

Let me start by saying Brain you\'re amazing..

The morning of my shoot I was so very nervous and with alot of coaching from my partner I made my way to the studio...Instantly Brian made me feel comfortable and I was ready!

Throughout the shoot Brian was extremely professional & respected all my wishes...His fantastic direction made for some phenomenal shots!

I really didnt believe I could get through it but he made it happen and my photos are absolutely gorgeous...

You\'re amazing & I look forward to working with you again...Very Soon!


A big thank you to your staff...I loved my hair & makeup...very well done!

• - Tracy ONeil

Thank you Brian!!!!

My experience with Brian was great. My session was very fun, and i was surprised to be so comfortable throughout the shoot. Brian was extremely respectful of my wishes, gave me easy directions, and always kept a professional disposition. He gave me the opportunity to be more creative, and i appreciated all of his feedback. Brian ensured that we both had a clear understanding of what i was looking for from his photos, and he made sure i left with what i wanted. The studio was very well prepared, and Brian was receptive to any of my suggestions or requests. I\\\'m looking forward to our next session, and have already recommended Brian\\\'s Photography to many friends. His patience and easy going attitude are wonderful assets, and make Brian an excellent choice for family shots, my son and I will be coming in for family portraits soon enough! Thanks again Brian for an amazing experience!! you truly are talented xo

• - Danielle Ouimet

Hey Brian,

I wanted to thank you for doing such a great job on my pictures and taking the time and patience to ensure that I came away with some pretty phenominal shots..

I appreciate your professionalism and the pictures were done with class and taste as I requested..

I am looking forward to the opportunity to work with you again as I know with you the possibilities are endless..

Til next time,


• - Erin Martin

I had an amazing time working with Brian and his staff. They are very laidback and outgoing, which made it very easy to work with them. We got together through facebook and ever since then its been a joy shooting with Brian and his wife. Definitly cannot wait to do more shots!! Thanks Brian!!

• - Nikki Rogers

Brian & Julie-

Thank you for making our day so special! You really were a God-Sent through all the planning leading up and on our special day! Finally looking at all our pictures together we our impressed to see that you were able to capture us at our best! And the best parts of us!

You helped make everyone (guests & wedding party) feel like they were all family and they are all still raving about you today! You helped everyone feel special, beautiful, handsome, unique, classic and glamorous all in one day! That\\\'s exactly what we wanted to capture in our photos! Family members and friend\\\'s are already finding reasons to have their pictures taken!

You have an amazing talent to work with people and make them feel special on such special occasions! Keep it up! Your work is wonderful!

Thank you again! You will be contacted in the near future to capture the beginnings of our family! Thank you so much!

• - Kayla & Carson Lazare

Brian & Julie-

Thank you for helping make our day so special! You really were a God-Sent through the whole planning ordeal and the day itself! Your pictures captured the best of us and our family! You helped us feel special, beautiful, handsome, gorgeous, classic and famous all at the same time! Which is what we wanted for our photos! The special little collages really did \\\"put the icing on the cake.\\\"

Thank you again for all your help and wonderful work! You really have talent for seeing the best in people and being able to capture it on film!

We will be contacting you in the near future for pregnancy shots and to capture our new born son!!!

• - Kayla & Carson Lazare

Our experience with brian was amazing, he was very friendly, easy going, doesn\\\'t make you do anything that you don\\\'t want to, very professional, hospatality was great from him and julie.

Brian made the photo shoot an extreamly fun experience, would definatly do it again and recommend Brians Pro Photos to anyone. Thank You Brian and Julie !

• - Matt an cassey

What an amazing experience at Brian\\\'s Pro Photo\\\'s. Brian is a very personable and professional photographer. He is completely dedicated in ensuring you receive nothing but the best treatment and beyond perfect photography, and he always makes sure the client is 100% satisfied with the finished product! I will never go to another photographer.

Brian himself is what you would call ART!

• - Lori MacDonald

I had a great experience with Brian. He made me feel really comfortable and everything went smoothly. I ended up with great pictures that I\'m extremely proud of!!! I loved working with him and hope i get to work with him again in the future.

Thanks so much once again!

• - Jescinda Malo

i have been wanting to take family pics of me and my boys for a long time. We live miles apart. I only get to see and visit with my boys every 3-4 years.

I was surprised to get a visit from my boys. I immediately called Brian and scheduled an appointment for a photo shoot. It was a last minute thing, but brian jumped at the opportunity to help me capture my boys on film.

Brian was extremely helpful and professional. He let us have fun with the photo shoot and also helped us to pose to capture the moment.

Brian truly truly helped me make my dream come true of getting some awesome family pics. He was open to my suggestions of background to blend in and also had great ideas and suggestions.

Thank you Brian for making the visit of my boys very very memorable.

Cheers and all the best..

Andre Piette.

• - Andre Piette.

My experience with Brian was amazing....Brian makes you feel very comfortable when he is taking pictures...he is a great guy to work with, very trust worthy, I love all the pictures he takes, Brian your an amazing photographer and look forward to doing more photo shoots.

Thank You

Krista -xOx-

• - Krista Torrance

My experience with Brian was fantastic. I felt very comfortable, the atmosphere was awesome, and he is very focused the whole time. The whole photoshoot was very professional and enjoyable. I would definetly recommend Brian for any photoshoots, I believe that he takes his photography very seriously and it shows through his work. Give Brian a Call!!!!

• - Tina R

My Experience with the shoot was absolutely wonderful!

Brian is an amazing guy to work with. I have known him since high school. Always a funny guy who cared about people. Not only did he make me laugh during the shoot but he made me feel very comfortable.

He also has a great sense of humour, which is good for this type of business, however he also knows what he is doing.

I have modeled in the past and out of the photographers I have had, he was the best! This was my second shoot and I intend to do a couple more in the near future.

Thanks again for everything Brian smile emoticon

• - Kawissa Lalonde

New to the modeling thing, I wasn't sure what to expect when I met Brian. Before taking any pictures, he sat down with me to discuss what types of pictures I wanted and where I drew the line with showing some skin. He never once asked me to do anything I didn't want to. My first shoot, I wasn't sure what to do with posing. He gave me great direction. After a few pictures and some laughs, I was no longer nervous and shy. I learned a lot during that shoot that I brought to the second shoot. My second shoot was done on my property. It was a beautiful day and Brian had some awesome ideas for that shoot. The most important part of the shoot was the pictures with my horse. These pictures were very special to me and Brian willingly welcomed any ideas I had. That day was a lot of fun and I have tons of beautiful pictures to remember it by. Brian is a great photographer and I'd definitely use him for any other things I want professional photos for.

Thanks Brian!! xoxo

• - Kim Kitchen

I don't know where to start. Brian is very professional about his work. He has done my photo shoot so professionally that i would recommend him to everyone who needs to get any kind of photography done. He is very nice, friendly & makes you feel comfortable. He will go through all the details & give you options that suits your needs. Brian you are the best man .. thank you for the amazing photo shoot you did for me !!! Nice Work !!! Keep it up !!!

• - Rizwan Nawaz

My experience with Brian Smith was really sweet! We did 2 shoot's and there will be many more!

He is real nice and very easy to work with!

i love all the pictures he takes, he does really nice work, and not only is he good at what he does hes also a very good friend of mine:)

i love ya Brian!

look forward to our next shoot!!!!!



• - Misty Sutherland

I would have to say that my experience with Brian was one to remember. He made me feel so comfortable and at ease with everything. The level of professionalism is outstanding in Brian and his wife Julie. I never once felt obligated or pushed... he makes it as though your in control of the situation, which in turn makes it an all together unforgettable experience. Thank you so much for everything! I will be seeing you soon for Shoot #2!!

• - Stephanie Lamarche



• - JAMIE LEE...

Thank's again Brian for making me feel very comfortable and it was fun. Brian make's you feel very welcomed and very at ease when getting your pic's done. I would recommend him to anyone.

Cheer's: Donna

• - Donna Dufresne

In August of this year, I did my very first photo shoot. I had been nervous about the whole thing, not knowing what to expect; however Brian made himself available to answer any questions I had before the shoot about preparation and what I needed to do to be ready. Brian was very professional and allowed me to move at my own pass express my own style. He also took the time to explain how the process worked with getting ready for the sets and wardrobe. Brian made the shoot alot of fun and very comfortable. I would definitely recommend him for photo shoots and would call him again another shoot myself.

Pauline Blanchette

• - 

Jen Baker Testimonial


Thank you so much for taking such incredible photographs of my pregnancy. You have captured this special time in my life and brought it to memories I can constantly look back on. I was able to relax with your well-organized service and exemplary job directing and incorporating my input on the kind of pictures I wanted. I love the elegance, special effects and creativity you have added to my pictures. Everyone is absolutely amazed at the quality of your work and talent. I would certainly recommend you to anyone looking for a photographer.

Thanks again,


• - Jen Baker Testimonial

In regards to my photo shoot with Brian Smith. It was very professional. Upon arrival we sat down and went over a contract stating what was to take place. It was very thorough and professional and everything was explained in detail. The contract also consisted of a list of photographic options to agree or disagree to do. Once the paper work was signed we chose outfits and started going through ideas for the photo shoot. Once again it was very professional. Brian was very considerate and would ask throughout the entire shoot whether or not I was comfortable with the angle, set, and pictures themselves. He also explained the confidential side to the shoots and what the pictures would be used for. I also received a copy of all pictures for my use. Once again he was very thorough with the process from start to finish. He kept it pure business with a few laughs in-between. At no point did he make me feel uncomfortable or pressured. We followed what I agreed to in contract and I was never pushed to go further then what was agreed to. It was a great shoot and we had a ton of fun. Brian was great and I can't wait to do another shoot!

• - Julie Anne Ecclesial

My experience with; “Brian’s Pro Photos” was nothing but excitement!

Let me start off by saying, keeping scheduled appointments is always a must for “Brian Smith”, he will not let you down.

His professional manner towards my wife & I was fantastic! “Brian’s Pro Photos” is always polite with relaxed and has caring tones in his voice. He always makes it easy to quickly get into the moment, and connect with your photographer so you can enjoy your photo shoot.

“Brian’s Pro Photos” passion for photography explodes when a camera is in hand aiming at a subject! With steady timed shots, the accuracy is phenomenal!

Nothing but great times, EF-BE PRODUCTIONS backs “Brian’s Pro Photos” all the way! Looking forward to more great photogenic memories in the future!

Thank You “Brian’s Pro Photos” for all your hard work!!

Jerry “thefreakboy” Saucier

• - Jerry “thefreakboy” Saucier

My experience with Brian Smith was the most superb.

Brian smith made me feel like I was taken care of he NEVER made me fell like I was being pushed to do any thing , he made it clear that every thing was in my hands . I would have to say that Brian Smith was the one who I could trust with any thing and every thing. And it’s safe to say he was the best, the most honest, the one that takes his photography to hart and sole, and make every one feel as comfortable.

Katie Brockett

• - Katie Brockett